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waste into
new products

Kandui Technologies is a MICROfactorie™ 

licensee and the exclusive manufacturer
of Green Ceramics™.

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Green Ceramics™

Innovative. Stylish. Sustainable.

Designer surface materials made

from waste materials.


Waste to product technologies 

to reform various waste streams into value added materials and products.

Kandui is passionate about
reimagining waste and its
endless possibilities.

Green Ceramics

​Green Ceramics represent an innovative class of advanced, eco-friendly bio-composites designed for the built environment, including furniture manufacturing and a range of architectural and decorative uses. Green Ceramics are predominately made from varying waste glass and textile that are traditionally not subject to recycling.  

Engineered for strength, durability and style

Bespoke, made to order tiles, benches and tabletops.

Green Ceramics can be used for interior projects including wall/floor tiles, slabs for bench tops, tabletops, and other products.


Green Ceramics are predominately made from waste glass and textile that are traditionally not subject to recycling.



Kandui can replicate a range of designs including, but not limited to, marble, concrete, and terrazzo.

Kandui is a Certified Australian Owned Company and Member of the Australian Tile Council, meeting Australian Standards.  View Technical Data.

Green Ceramics are made Under Licence from

UNSW Patent Application Numbers: 2019901140 PCT/AU2020/050339

2020251051 2021104018

Green Cearmics, as seen on ABC's Australian Story

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Transforming waste into green consumer goods, APAC Network

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