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Kandui is an official MICROfactorieTM licensee, producing Green Ceramics and Eco Filament from waste materials.

The SMaRT Centre through its many research programs has created the phrase ‘mircorecycling science’ to describe their novel approach to researching innovative approaches and technologies to reform various waste streams into value added materials and products. 

Based on this science, SMaRT have developed MICROfactorieTM technologies that use various, discreet modules to transform problematic waste materials, such as glass, textiles and plastics, into new value-added materials and products, such as engineered green ceramics for the built environment and plastic filament as a ‘renewable resource’ for 3D printing. 

This modular technology is capable of harnessing value from our waste resources to deliver high-value materials and products, and the SMaRT Centre now houses various MICROfactoriesTM on site at UNSW, while it is also supporting a number of industry and community-based organisations to adopt this type of technology. Kandui is proud to be a MICROfactorieTM commercial partner.

If you are exploring or developing a MICROfactorieTM, please contact us.

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