Eco Filament

The Kandui MICROfactorieTM includes an impressive 3D printing department, manufacturing PETG, ABS Eco Filament and 3D printed parts from waste plastics.  The Eco Filament is tried and tested. Our online shop is coming soon. In the meantime, please send us an email with your requirements.

Kandui also manufactures a range of 3D products from recycled plastics.  If you have a plastic component you would like reproduced or designed, contact Kandui with your requirements.

Through Kandui's partnership with the UNSW SMaRT Centre and as an official MICROfactorieTM licensee it has provided the opportunity for Kandui to establish its 3D printing factory. Lab testing has confirmed that filament made from 100% waste plastic displays outstanding physical properties.  Waste plastics is evidently capable of producing commercial scale filament output.

See our Technical Information for further details.

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PETG & ABS Eco Filament


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