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Green Ceramics

Green Ceramics are an innovative class of high-performance, environmentally safe, engineered  designed  surface material for applications in construction, furniture, and various architectural and decorative uses.  Green Ceramics are primarily composed of waste glass and textiles not traditionally targeted for recycling.

Green Ceramics can be used for a range of interior projects including wall/floor tiles, slabs for bench tops, tabletops, and other products.


Kandui work with their clients to create sustainable commercial spaces that embody beauty and history.  Green Ceramics are made to order, and a range of finishes can be achieved, this is dependent on the waste materials used. Kandui can replicate a range of designs including, but not limited to, marble, concrete, and terrazzo.   



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Green Ceramics are a circular product that embodies not only waste management, but reuse, recycling, and responsible manufacturing. In turn, reducing emissions and increasing efficient use of natural resources.  Where possible, clients are encouraged to input their own waste materials into the design.


​Green Ceramic products are subjected to the most critical testing, to ensure quality and safety. A rigorous and lengthy trial of testing and retesting was undertaken to ensure our products are fit for purpose, meeting Building Code of Australia requirements for slip and fire resistance. 


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