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Kandui manufactures products from waste materials. Kandui has partnered with The SMaRT Centre at UNSW, who has developed a series of waste to product technologies. Kandui is the first company to become an official MICROfactorieTM licensee, using smart, innovative technologies to remanufacture waste into new products.

Kandui is proudly an Australian certified company and a member of the Australian Tile Council.












Green Ceramics can be used in a range of industrial and community settings. See some of our recent and upcoming projects here. The ceramics are used as kitchen benches, table tops, floor tiles, furnishings and for other applications.

A variety of waste materials are used to produce a range of 'green' materials and products for the built environment.  The ceramic products are mainly made from types of waste glass and textiles that are traditionally not subject to recycling. 

Kandui also uses waste plastics to produce new products using 3D printing technology, this includes PETG, ABS filament and other components.

Dining table and waste ingredients3-210217_MIRVAC_Pavilions_DW_13_0260 copy.jpeg

Green Ceramics

tiles new.png

Innovative. Stylish. Sustainable.

Designer tiles and slabs made from

waste products.

Eco Filament


Recycled PETG, ABS filament and

other 3D printed components.


Micro Factories


Waste to product technologies 

to reform various waste streams into

value added materials and products.

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